Replaced Oyster Shells With LitChicks - Interview with Natalie.


Natalie has been feeding her chickens LitChicks for the last six months and so we decided to ask her some questions about her flock and her experience with LitChicks. As a flock owner with 30 chickens she has experienced the ups and downs of raising chickens, to watching them age. As hens age their egg productions declines, by adding LitChicks to their diet egg production increased. Check out the interview below and visit Natalie's instagram: @chickens_and_Such 

LitChicks: How many chickens do you have in your flock? 

Natalie: 30

LitChicks: How long have you had chickens?

Natalie:  4 years

LitChicks: What do you feed your flock? 

Natalie:  I have a mixed flock so I use an all flock feed and they free range for a lot of their food. They also get most of my kitchen scraps, occasional scratch grains and whatever sweet feed they are able to swipe from the cattle after feeding time.

LitChicks: Before LitChicks, tell us about your flocks egg production? How was their egg quality and production? 

Natalie: I have 6 pretty old hens that were laying about one egg a week with very thin shells. My younger, new laying hens were pretty steady layers.

LitChicks: When did you start feeding your Chickens LitChicks?

Natalie: 6 months ago

LitChicks: How did you start to include LitChicks into their diet? 

Natalie: since I have a mixed flock I have always kept a small feeder of oyster shells as a free choice supplement. I replaced the oyster shells with LitChicks.

LitChicks: Did the chickens take a moment to get used to the new feed supplement? 

Natalie: No! They were very curious and tried it immediately. 

LitChicks: What did you think about LitChicks when you first heard about it? 

Natalie:  It sounded interesting! I liked that it had more benefits than the oyster shells I had been using. Once I opened the bag and saw the product I could immediately tell it was unique.

LitChicks: How long did you feed LitChicks' Calcified Seaweed before you noticed a difference with your chickens? 

Natalie: I noticed a difference in shell strength within a few days. After about a week my older hens were laying more. Once spring hit here in Oklahoma one of my girls who hadn’t laid in almost a year started laying again. She’s laid a couple of eggs a week since. I definitely attribute that to LitChicks!

LitChicks: Would you recommend LitChicks to other flock owners?

Natalie: absolutely! I’m so happy I started my younger hens on it at such a young age. I feel like my older girls have a lot more life in them thanks to LitChicks.

Thanks for checking out our interview with Natalie! If you have any questions or would like to give LitChicks a try, shoot us an email at