"It's been amazing" - China. LitChicks Interview

We are excited to share a quick interview with China Vidal, a homesteading chicken owner based in Missouri, who has been feeding her chickens LitChicks for the last few months. Let’s hear what she has to say about her flock and experience with LitChicks!

LitChicks: How many chickens do you have in your flock? 

China: 13!

LitChicks: How long have you had chickens? 

China: Officially a year 

LitChicks: What do you feed your flock? 

China: We buy our feed locally at the Missouri farmers association 

LitChicks: Before LitChicks, tell us about your flocks egg production? How was their egg quality and production? 

China: Inconsistent! They were late layers and only about half. 

LitChicks: When did you start feeding your Chickens LitChicks?

China: It’s been a few months now I’d say

LitChicks: How did you start to include LitChicks into their diet? 

China: We have a gravity style feeder so I add it into their feed and it slowly works into it 

LitChicks: Did the chickens take a moment to get used to the new feed supplement? 

China: Nope they dove right in

LitChicks: What did you think about LitChicks when you first heard about it? 

China: I thought it was unique. Stood out because it wasn’t the typical grub mix. It was its own product that felt needed in my flock. 

LitChicks: How long did you feed LitChicks' Calcified Seaweed before you noticed a difference with your chickens? 

China: We never lost production over the winter. So I attest it to the litchicks 

LitChicks: Would you recommend LitChicks to other flock owners?

China: Absolutely. It’s been amazing. 

Thanks for checking out our interview with China! Check out her fun and informative content on instagram  @littlevfarm